How To Deal With The Carpets Placed In Your Apartment


If you are living in Dallas, then you must know that the apartments have the small space in comparison to the ordinary houses. Placing the carpets will make an ease for you to sit on the floor. You can place some large size cushions over the carpet and sit on it. Before purchasing a carpet, buy a carpet that is thick and has a dark color because thick carpets absorb less dust and dirt into it. Along with this, stains are not visible on the carpets that have dark colors because you cannot wash the carpet every day. You can clean the carpets in many ways on a daily basis. Cleaning the carpet is the most difficult job because carpet easily absorbs the dust and stains in its fabrics. Here are some useful and effective tips that can reduce and even remove the stains from your carpet:

Borax, white vinegar and salt:

First of all, clean your carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner and make sure that you have cleaned every corner of the carpet and moved the vacuum cleaner in every direction. Mix all the ingredients and apply them over the areas where there are stains and dirt. Leave the paste for some hours and let it dry and then clean it with the help of vacuum cleaner.

Along with this, you can also use the steam cleaner to clean your carpet properly. It will take a time of some seconds, and the carpet will turn into new. Leave the carpet so that it can dry and afterward, you can place the furniture and other important things back to the places.

There are many other things through which you can clean your carpet in minutes like baking powder, lemon juice, vinegar, detergent and so on. This is all which you can do after some period but you can also clean your carpets regularly. Here are the ways in which you can clean your carpet on daily basis:
Put some detergent and baking powder into the water and dump the clean piece of cloth. Afterward, squeeze the water completely from the cloth and apply it to your carpet. This will give outstanding results. There will be no more insects and microorganisms over your carpet.

Carpets are useful but are difficult to clean, so it is better to use rugs. You can easily wash the rugs and fold them whenever you want.

However, the concept of carpeting the floor has become an old fashion and now, people prefer to go for wooden flooring and tiles. The reason for this is the difficulty in cleaning the carpets. The wooden floors and tiles are easier to clean and manage. While cleaning the floors, make sure that you clean it with water. Don’t apply detergent over the floor otherwise the shine will be lost. After applying a damp cloth over the floor, apply a dry cloth immediately so that the water spots should not remain on the floor. You can clean the floors anytime you want, and stains are not absorbed into it.

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