Know About Health Issues Before Renting A Basement Apartment

health issues before renting a basement apartment

The basement apartment is a kind of apartment located under the rest of building on the underground level. It is present at the level of streets and is located in basements of places like houses, plazas, official buildings, apartments, and other places. Basement apartments are said to be illegal in many countries owing to certain risks to health and life of the tenants and even sometimes owners. That is why you should always know about the health hazards by living in basement apartments before you start living in such type of apartment. However, Dallas residents can avoid these dangers by adopting some specific tips and tricks to keep themselves healthy, fresh and happy.

A study shows that group of people who lived in basement apartment was monitored for a long time to know about health hazards in these apartments. It was found that people living in basement apartment are more vulnerable to respiratory diseases, skin diseases, allergies, fire injuries, eye diseases and ear problems. The study also presented a list of steps to avoid these problems.

Basement apartments are present in the ground. Therefore, there is very less ventilation for air and sunlight. The less access to the human body to fresh air and sunlight give high opportunities to germs to grow rapidly. Sunlight kills many of the germs present in our skin. When we live in a basement apartment, the sunlight does not reach directly there unless we come out of that place. So, germs found a very good opportunity to make our skin and organs their homes and live there happily causing many diseases to our bodies.

The factor of dampness in basement apartments is also a serious cause for the high risk of many diseases. Dampness is because of the presence of water droplets on the walls and other objects of basement apartments that provide a very well chance for the germs to have an increased life. Many germs die in the temperature of the sunlight. When there is no sunlight, the dampness causes germs to grow making people vulnerable to death and diseases.

Molds and radon are called to be a major factor of diseases for people living in basement apartments. The mold is a type of fungi that grow very well in damp places. The reduction of temperature is good for the growth of fungi therefore mold is present in the high amount in basement apartment causing many health hazards to the tenants or owners. It may also contaminate food items making them not only unhealthy but also dangerous to health. Radon is also found to present in basement apartments up to a level that is dangerous to human health as it is an odorless and colorless gas that belongs to the group of radioactive elements and promptly participates in causing lung cancer. Therefore, those people who intend to live in basement apartments should take a big deal of care because of the above-listed diseases and health risks to human health.

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